Cacao - Origins

For a long time, I’ve loved coffee, and tea. But I felt they were so separate from each other. There were many occasions where I didn’t want coffee, but still wanted something similar. Something robust, energetic, and healthful but yet calming and delicious. Something in between was missing. 

I always ended up drinking that extra cup of coffee and regretted it afterward. Often I would pour out the coffee in the sink. That extra cup of coffee often had the inverse effect and gave me a headache, and made me unfocused or dizzy. My love relationship with coffee was starting to take an ugly turn. Fjällbjörk cacao is the first ever drink that gives me similar romance and feelings to coffee, but yet is more gentle, more warming, and instead of punching you in the face, embraces your heart.

Now when I am in that exact situation, when I feel like something like coffee but it’s not tea, I don’t have to drink that extra cup of coffee and regret it afterwards. Now I just drink Fjällbjörk cacao. It’s delicious, relaxing, and gives me plenty of energy to continue my day. If you ask me, it’s a real revelation, maybe even revolutionary.