2 Principles


Principle 1

Humans don't understand the complexity of nature and it's hard to grasp how damaging Industrial Agriculture truly is. But we do know that our land loses its essential nutrients. Animals, seeds, and insects are going extinct. Forests, water reserves and biodiversity are disappearing. But the total damage is impossible to even imagine and we need to look for other solutions to grow food. One solution is Natural Food that is grown to the benefit of soil, animals, and humans. The approach is asking: what is the natural pattern? and then simply support that natural pattern with the technology we have. Nature constantly speaks to us and we just have to listen. 

Principle 2

Natural food is also whole food. Food that is not processed. How exactly plants benefit our bodies remains unknown, but science does tell us that the nutrients found in plants work together like a symphony to heal our bodies. To isolate one nutrient from a plant won't have the same healing effect. That's why we want to create delicious whole foods to ensure our bodies are healthy and happy.

We believe that humans are here to enrich life, not destroy it, and that’s why we have to grow and eat Natural Food.